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Analysis Of Service Quality Early Warning System Telecommunication Network Land slide Accident Due To Train

Indonesia is a country thatmany valleys, hills and volcanoes. So every year, Indonesia has many naturaldisasters landslides. Landslides are forming material movements rocky slope, material destruction, soil, orthe mixture of materials, move down or out the slopes, where landslidesoften take casualties.[1]With the above considerations it would need for tools that can detect landslides. By using the early warningsystem is expected symptoms naturally arising in connection with natural disasters such as landslides can bedetected asearly as possible. Thus the possibility of casualties due to landslides can be avoided.[2,3,4]

The Influence of Ozone on The Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol using TiO2Photocatalyst Supported by Bayah Natural Zeolite

TiO2is currently considered the most promising catalyst to completely decompose harmful organic compunds into CO2and H2O under UV light irradiation. It has been widely studied for purification water, air and soil polluted with organic compounds [1-2]Some modifications on TiO2 have been made to improve the photocatalytic activity, such as made into nanotubes morphology [3-4]for increasing their specific surface area and high surface free energy [5]. However pure TiO2 nanoparticles are difficult to be recycled during their practical application [6,7]. Therefore some researchers has proposed to immobilized TiO2nanoparticles on a carrier to overcome shortcomings before mentioned [6,7]

Applications of Ultrasonic Sensor Early Warning System Crash Due to landslide On Train

Transportation accidents on the railways to the attention of all elements of the government, the public because itcould memaka soul as occurred in Greater Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, for example, theincidence of railroad traffic. The cause of the accident because of the location of heavy rain and soil in thelandslide. The purpose of this study was to design an early warning ultrasonic sensors on the railway line andtest the early warning valiadasi accelerometer sensor on the railway. Methods used in realtime with dataacquisition Ardino microcontroller connected to the ultrasonic sensor (PING) as a tool to measure the distanceof the object level altitude avalanche order to be more effective.

Hydrothermal Pretreatmentof Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch

Hy drothermal p retreatment methods in2ndgeneration bioethanol p roductionmore p rofitable to be develop ed, since the conventional p retreatment, by using acids or alkalis, is associated with the serious economic and environmental constraints. The current studies investigate hy drothermal p retreatment of p alm oil emp ty fruit bunch (EFB) in a batch tube reactor sy stem with temp erature and time range from 160 to 240 C and 15 to 30 min, resp ectively .The EFB weregrinded and sep arated into 3 different p articles sizes i.e. 10 mesh, 18 mesh and 40 mesh, p riorto hy drothermal p retreatment. Solid y ield and p H of the treated EFB slurrieschanged over treatment severities.The chemical comp osition of EFB was greatly affected by the hy drothermal p retreatment esp ecially hemicellulose which decreased at higher severity factoras determined by HPLC.

Improving the Life Quality of the Metal Casting Industry Employees through Participatory Ergonomics and 5R-based Cleaner Production Strategies

Waste dust in the metal c asting industry is an issue which so f ar has not been completely resolved as it is generated during the cooling process of the liquid metal from a temperature of 10000C into room temperature, thus the molds made of quartz sand and other materials during this liquid steel cooling process will also turn very dry even some changes into fly ash. Such an environmental condition certainly aff ects the physical environmental conditions of employees and reduces health and stamina as well as work perf ormanc e indicated by lower motivation and productivity of work, resulting in not optimum achievement of a company’ predetermined target.


The purpose of this study is to formula test rate giesand to develop appropriate scenario for the managemen to fan industrial area towards Eco Industrial Park. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) isuse das the analytical method.


The problems of rail ways in Indonesia is even more alarming. Especially in the capital area which is prone to accidents as a result of many factors .One of the challenges of mobility train journey it selfis the in hibition caused by floods inun date rail,or even worse if the accident due to the stagnant water on the train tracks. In a necessary conditionin early alerts system (early warning system) abbreviated EWS.